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Computer Education

School premises has equipped computer lab where they can explore the world, to be empowered the part of Digital India Movement school has established a computer lab for students with network binding them together. Internet facilities in the lab join them with the world. It is an important step towards making a child computer savvy.


The school has a big, well-stocked library for students of all ages. It has fiction non- fiction titles not only for students but books for teachers are also there to keep themselves updated. Membership is open to all students as well as staff members who have been issued library cards.


The school offers temperature controlled transport facilities for its students. To ensure the utmost safety and security of the students school buses are equipped with CCTV cameras. The speed limits for buses are fixed for the purpose of safety. Each bus has a bus attendant and a teacher travelling along with the students.

Medical Facilities

To ensure the health and safety of students, the school has adequate and appropriate first aid equipments so that immediate help can be given if someone is injured or take ill.