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Admission Procedure

The parents should submit the following documents at the time of admission.

  • Date of Birth Certificate.
  • Original school leaving certificate (duly signed by DEO/competent authority).
  • Admission form duly filled with a recent passport size photograph of the child.
  • Recent passport size photograph of Father and Mother both.
  • Aadhar Card

Kindly Note:

Buses The buses will collect the students from the points fixed by the school.  Under no circumstances buses will enter the streets, lanes and by lanes.
Fee The Total fee for the academic year should be paid in five installments i.e. in the month of April, July, October, January. The fee is to be paid before the 15th of first month of every installment. Late fee fine Rs. 10/- per day will be charged.
Attendance Regularity and punctuality is an education in itself. Students with 100% attendance are given due recognition. Any absence from school should be intimated with reason. Long absence without leave shall terminate admission.


In case the admission is finalized parents must adhere to following set of rules so that their wards excel in the school. Parents must ensure that students are regular, punctual, properly dressed up and always have school diary with them.

  1. They should read and sign the diary daily.
  2. Assist their ward in doing home work daily.
  3. They should not apply for too many leaves.
  4. They must counter sign, all their leave applications.
  5. Ward’s name, class admission number and section should be mentioned in all the correspondences.
  6. They must pay the school fees by 15th of every install month.
  7. As all the unit tests, class tests are considered in the final assessment.
  8. Each test must be taken seriously.
  9. They must not contact their wards directly in the classes for any reason during school hours.
  10. They must not request the teachers for private tuitions.

In case they have anything to discuss with the Principal, they must adhere to the visitor timing of the office.


To cater to the development of leadership with an emphasis on character building and discipline among students to groom and flourish their lives, so as to enable them to serve the nation and humanity with dedication, honesty, sacrifice, and distinction.


  • To provide education of high quality up to senior secondary stage.
  • To create a strong sense of duty and discipline among the students.
  • To develop qualities of leadership among the students to help them to achieve top positions in life and in various fields.
  • To develop spiritual and moral values in students.